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Propose sooner. Propose more. Win back your time

Turn client briefs into well-formatted proposals in minutes, not weeks.

Personalized AI

Our AI understands your requirements and creates professional, persuasive proposals in minutes, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters - your business.

Tailored Proposals

Impress your clients with tailored proposals. Our AI analyzes the unique needs of each client and customizes your proposal accordingly, boosting your chances of success.

Lead Discovery

Bridging the gap between research and action: From your potential client's website straight to a customized proposal in moments.

Document Hub

Centralize, upload, and pinpoint: Your documents in one hub, with semantic search to lead you straight to the data you need.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members. The proposal maker allows multiple users to work on the same proposal in real time, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

Cloud synchronization

Sync your data across multiple devices, so you can access your proposals from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Wall of Love

See what some of our early adopters are saying.

Lead Discovery is a game changer. I can’t believe it’s so simple. It’s what all new business people, like me, have been seeking for years.

New Business Director @ Brand Agency, UK

it was really useful. I had to write a proposal fast and didn’t know the subject in detail. Editing something 80% finished was so much easier than writing from scratch. It’s impressive. Well done 👍

COO @ Communications Agency, UK

The tool was extremely helpful and impressive at turning a relatively short brief into a well-written pitch.

Sustainability Consultant, New York

Pitchpower is amazing, I love it. No messing around. It's simple, but very well tailored to the objective. It makes AI accessible to people that can't be bothered to play with a blank AI chat screen and don't know how to use it. It is mind-blowingly good.

Product Research Director, UK

Pitch power is amazing and easy to use!

Freelance TV Producer, Los Angeles

We're sending out 3x the proposals with no dip in quality for a reasonable price. I'm a big fan.

Market Research Consultant, Chicago

Frequently asked questions is an online solution for business-to-business professionals that generates high-quality proposals for services using AI. was created for three primary reasons:

  • To reduce the time and effort wasted through the proposal process.
  • To increase the success rate of users in proposal processes
  • To give time back to users for value-added focus and life outside of work.

Yes, encrypts all information at rest. The team is comprised of ex-FAANG engineers have taken all pre-cautions to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

We do use OpenAI's models via an API to generate portions of the proposals, OpenAI's API terms of use state that they do not train any of their models on information passed via paid API.

The system works by creating embeddings in the content added by users (about your offer, products and services, other items, and so on). Embeddings are used to respond to the briefs using 60 – 100 API calls back and forth to OpenAI. This is why you have up to 100k words to describe what you do or can upload very long briefs.

No, creates an Microsoft Word-like document of clean text that an be exported using a range of formats. We chose not to export to .PPTX at this time because we wanted to ensure humans have a valuable role in moderating the creation of high-quality proposals.

Payments are handled via Stripe. This means you will need to use a card to pay. is not available via invoice payments or bank / wire transfer.

Yes, they do.

Your plan sets limits on the number of proposals you can create. This is per calendar month. You can upgrade your tier to get more proposal credits. In terms of what you create our T&Cs prohibit the usual creation of illegal, offensive or discriminatory content. We see a wide array of users and are excited to see who uses it for what within the bounds of the law and good practice. If we see rogue activity then we will engage the user to suspend and / or terminate their account. has multiple audiences. We want to offer to lots of different people, teams and organisations so we figured we needed to make different products to suit their needs. The basic tier is designed for a single user (e.g. Freelancer). Boutique is for small agency teams. Launching soon, Enterprise is for larger sales teams and will have an analytics and team management layer built for sales team managers. Our tiers will evolve over time.

Anyone on the Boutique or Enterprise tier will be able to add team members (up to the tier limit) and manage their team like many other Saas solutions.

If you run into a problem please reach out to and we'll come back to you as soon as we can. Our team is across the globe so this should be quick. has many cool features, with many more planned on the roadmap. Here are some of the most interesting and useful features available now:

  • AI mirrors your business offer in seconds. auto-imports your agency offer by reading your website. It generates a fresh “about you” section within It detects your products or services and automatically loads them into your space so you can pick from them when generating proposals. At any time you can change, edit, delete and add to whatever our AI generates.

  • Full customization as standard

    In you can do more than just customize your profile. You can also customize your proposal strategies. You can build proposal formats that combine customized section outlines and give each section a set of customized instructions. You can create as many proposal types as you like. When you need to use one, just select it and your proposal will be generated within that format.

  • Nothing is too complicated

    You can have as many services as you like, add in briefs of any length or complexity, put in your methodologies within the about you section or within briefs or within section outline. The aim is make your as unique as your offer! Be creative!

  • Fine tune using AI and collaboration.

    Once created you can use a range of AI tools to fine tune your proposal, including automatically shortening, lengthening or rephrasing sections. Adding or deleting whole sections. Share proposals with team members to get feedback (Boutique plans and above). Use an inbuilt chatbot to ask questions to “play the client” and spot missing information or elements.

  • Easily export content to your favourite visualization packages. generates text onto a simple white page. From here users fine tune, finish and export the core content using’s export features. These are DocX, .text and HTML.

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